FAQs : Non-Domestic Rating

Q1 :   Is the amount shown on my valuation notice the amount I have to pay ? faq image
A1 :   The Rateable Value is not the figure which you pay. Your bill is calculated by your local authority who multiply the Rateable Value by a figure called the Rate in the Pound which is set each year by the Scottish Parliament. Your local authority will also apply any relief to which you may be entitled.
Q2 :   How often is my rateable value reassessed ?
A2 :   The last Revaluation was in 2017, the next Revaluation will take place in 2022 and 3 yearly thereafter.
Q3 :   How do you arrive at my rateable value ?
A3 :   The Assessor has a statutory right to collect information from owners and occupiers relating to property values such as building costs, sale prices, rents etc. This information is analysed by her professional staff who set the values based on this information.
Q4 :   What can I do if I think my rateable value is too high ?
A4 :   If you think your rateable value is too high, firstly contact the Assessors department and speak to a member of her staff, if you are still unhappy you may appeal against the rateable value.
Q5 :   Does it cost money to appeal my value ?
A5 :   The Assessor does not charge any fee. If after your discussion with a member of her staff you are still dissatisfied and you wish to pursue the matter you can continue to act on your own behalf or, if you wish, employ a professional agent. You may incur costs if you employ a professional agent to act on your behalf.
Q6 :   Where can I find out the rateable values of any property ?
A6 :   The Rateable Values of all non-domestic properties in Ayrshire are contained in the Valuation Roll which can be inspected in the Assessor's Office at 9 Wellington Square or at principal offices of each local authority. This information is also available, online, at the SAA web site.
Q7 :   What is the current rate poundage ?
A7 :   Non-domestic rates are levied on the basis of a national rate poundage multiplied by the rateable value of each non-domestic subject on the valuation roll.
Q8 :   Who do I contact regarding my water rates ?
A8 :   For all Non-Domestic Billing Enquiries West of Scotland Water has a single Freephone number for all customer calls Freephone 08000 27 23 22. Or contact www.scottishwater.co.uk/.
Q9 :   Should I inform the Assessor about any alterations to the property ?
A9 :   This is advisable, as any alterations may affect your Rateable Value.
Q10 :   Will I get a fair hearing from the Valuation Appeal Committee ?
A10 :   Yes. The Valuation Appeal Committee comprises a chairperson and between 3 and 6 members. They are all unpaid, completely independent of the Assessor and have no prior knowledge of your case. A paid secretary who is usually a solicitor assists the Committee.