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Service Aims and Vision

Our vision is to provide a range of valuation and electoral services to the stakeholders of the Valuation Joint Board in accordance with statute and at levels of excellence which exceed their expectations.

Aims and Objectives

In order that we fulfil our aims and achieve our vision we will:

  • Ensure that all of our services are delivered collectively and individually in accordance with all statutory requirements placed on the Assessor and ERO.
  • Plan service development and delivery, in consultation with our stakeholders, in accordance with the principles of best value and where possible continuous improvement. We will monitor and report performance to our stakeholders.
  • Integrate our Governance responsibilities, such as FOI, Data Protection, Records Management, Complaints, Equalities etc., into every aspect of our service delivery.
  • Take steps to expand upon what we publish on our website to make our data more accessible.
  • Consult stakeholders on matters affecting them, which will have an Organisational focus and in turn improve efficiency and transparency.
  • Continue to build our capacity and develop our people. The effective and efficient use of our resources, including through the use of technology and engagement through the SAA, will ensure we make the best use of public money.
  • Recognise the key role our colleagues play in the delivery of our services. We also aim to continue to recognise and encourage innovation, engagement and achievement.

Service Plan

adobe image   AVJB Service Plan 2020-2023

Corporate Plan

adobe image   AVJB Corporate Plan

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

adobe image   AVJB - East Ayrshire SLA
adobe image   AVJB - North Ayrshire SLA
adobe image   AVJB - South Ayrshire SLA